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Villa Urbani

It was opened in 1946 as library for young people; it was the first library in Umbria to introduce multimedia documents and internet access. The building, placed near to the city centre, was a neoliberty style villa built in the ‘40s by the Pietro Fringuelli commissioned by Mario Urbani.

The small rooms, the portico, the terraces and the wide garden contribute to create a relaxing mood to study or compare.

The former kitchen has been restored and offers, between burners and pantries, the cooking section and a part of the books donated by Clara Sereni

One of the hall of the villa is used for video projections, readings and events, whereas near the fireplace, a confortable space with armchairs facilitate reading and conversation moments.

There are also a welcoming and coloured space dedicated to children and a room for teenagers.

The library offers:
80 reading seats – consultation –  bibliographical references - inner or between libraries loan – catalog consultation - computer with internet access and computer printing – video – guided tours – cultural activities – classes and educational lab - wifi – MediaLibraryOnLine - multi-purpose room with projector, computer, internet, audio system –  piano – private parking.
The library is wheelchair accessible.

Read more on Wikipedia about the history, the building, the spaces and the collections of the library.

Opening Hours

+39 0755772960/2961

via Pennacchi, 19 - 06124 Perugia

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