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Tomb of the Faggeto

Etruscan tomb located on a hill near Monte Tezio

The Etruscan Tomb of the Faggeto was discovered between 1919 and 1920 by chance, by a lumberjack in a beech wood from which the name of the place and the tomb.

It is located on a hill near Monte Tezio, in the area of San Giovanni del Pantano. It is dug into the natural ground, consisting of sandstone blocks, and is preceded by a narrow access corridor, carved into the slope of the hill. Inside of it was found a cinerary urn and some funerary objects. The specificity, unique for the chamber tombs found around Perugia, is the presence of the closing door and of the little barrel vault.

The thick monolith bestows includes two truncated conical plins which, inserted in the appropriate cavities obtained in the threshold and in the lintel, allow rotation. The tomb can be dated from the second half of the II century B.C.

Info: for the Tomb’s location and accessibility, it is advisable to follow the instructions contained in the relative excursion itinerary (Itinerario escursionistico).

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