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Grifo e Leone - The Griffin and the Lion

Atrium of Palazzo dei Priori - Corso Vannucci 19

The mythical animals from Perugia’s history 

The Griffin and the Lion are the two symbols of the city of Perugia and they are exposed in Palazzo dei Priori. For a long time they were believed to be Etruscan; instead they were made in 1281 for the fountain 'degli Assetati' ('of the Thirsty') by Arnolfo di Cambio, later called the 'Griffin and Lion' fountain.

When the fountain was dismantled, they were moved to the old Palazzo del Potestà, and were taken out only to be carried in procession. Then, from 1301 until the last century, they were placed at the entrance of the public meeting hall (which later became the 'Sala dei Notari') of Palazzo dei Priori.

In the 1990 the statues were moved to the Sala del Grifo e del Leone (Griffin and Lion Hall) on the ground floor of Palazzo dei Priori. They are now in the atrium, on the left of the entrance.

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