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Studio Moretti Caselli - Glass Window Workshop Museum

Via Fatebenefratelli, 2

The rediscovery of glass art-work 

Founded in 1859-60 by the painter and master glassworker Francesco Moretti, who worked afterwards with Ludovico Caselli his nephew. The atelier is located in the ancient XV Century building owned by the Bagliani family, which became home for the Univeristy College of the Sapienza Nuova.

It is an interesting museum-archive-workshop, with an enclosed library,  kept today as it was conceived in the XIX Century; the wall decorations and the furnishings of the two large rooms are in Neo Gothic Style.

After the death of the founders, the atelier has found its continuity to date through the female line of the family, from Rosa and Cecilia Caselli, to Anna Matilde Falsettini and her daughters Maddalena and Elisabetta Forenza.

Among the works exposed, is the portrait of Queen Margherita, made by the founder as a demonstration of the expressive potentials of this technique, combining light and colour. 

Opening Hours: Booking Required everyday (Holidays included); without booking Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (no holiday)
Wheelchair: the structure from the XV century is not easily accessible by wheelchair, arrangements should be made in advance by calling the number +39 340 7765594

Entrance: with guided visit 7 €; reduced 5 € for groups with more of 10 people; 3 € for schools

Collective Ticket
: “DiversitARS” for groups of minimum 8 with guided tours and practical demonstration for two workshops, with Giuditta Brozzetti hand weaving  € 6,00

Info: tel. +39 075 5720017 - +39 340 7765594  

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