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Porta san Costanzo – Gate of San Costanzo

Via Borgo XX Giugno

One of the gates of the City

The Gate, named after the nearby church of San Costanzo, remains incomplete compared with the original project which was carried out by the Benedictine Monks in one of their territories, following the project of Valentino Martelli.

The building of the door and the new road were necessary due to the enlargement of the Abbey of San Pietro, which absorbed the medieval Arch of Braccio and the ancient street.

Although majestic, it was popularly called “portaccia” (minor door), maybe in comparison with the nearby Door of San Pietro, or probably due to its orientation: from this door entered many foreign Army, among them the Pope's Army, perpetrator of the 20th June 1859 massacre, which favored the establishment of the Pope's government until 1861.

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