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Porta Eburnea – Ivory Gate

Between via Bruschi and via San Giacomo

Also known as “Arco della Mandorla” - Almond Arch

It belongs to the Etruscan City Walls and maintains the original quoins in travertine up to the transom of the arch, replaced during the Middle Ages with a pointed arch, whence the name “Arco della Mandorla” (Almond Arch). The ancient name “Eburnea” (made of ivory) is referred to the elephant ivory tusks, symbol of the District. The door is crossed by the Royal Street to Orvieto, on the left, an important section of Etruscan Walls along the steps of via del Paradiso, renovated in following epochs, as proved by the remains of a Roman epigraph Augusta Perusia Colonia Vibia. On the right, a well preserved sections of Walls up to Torre Donati.

Following a popular tradition this place was “propitious”, so the Baglioni family, dwellers of Porta Eburnea District, used to cross that Door when they left for a battle.

The Coat of Arms of the Gate and District is the elephant, with an ivory tower on its back, on green background, to represent the great presence of gardens in this district. 

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