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Pian di Massiano Park

Entrance in Via Cortonese, strada vicinale Pian di Massiano and strada Centova

The sport city

Pian di Massiano park extends on the valley that, from the Perugino Hill gets westwards towards the Lake Trasimeno and the near Tuscany.

In the park areas with facilities for children, sport and recreational activities open air along with a system of paths, the longest one running for several km along the stream Genna. Characteristic the presence of a little lake with diversified  aquatic avifauna.

Close to the Park the Municipal Stadium, the Palasport Evangelisti, the big parking multifunctional area and the Terminal ‘Pian di Massiano’ of the Minimetrò.

Opening Hours: diversified for the different buildings in the area (Stadium, Palasport, sports camps, etch.)

Free entrance

Wheelchair accessible

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