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Moretti Caselli Library

Via Fatebenefratelli, 2

The Library and the Archives of the Artistic windows Study 

The Francesco Moretti Library – artist and person of relevance in Perugia between the second half of the XIX Century and the beginning of the XX – is right in the historic Centre of  Perugia, at the foot of the Rocca Paolina, in a house that belonged to the Baglioni Family, dating back to the end of the XV Century, where also the Study Moretti Caselli can be found.

In 1540, in order to construct the Rocca Paolina, all the other houses of the Baglioni Family but this one were destroyed; in here later on the Collegio Bartolino had its site, later still the Free University of Perugia, then the barracks of the Carabinieri; in 1894 it was bought by the founder of the Study, Francesco Moretti.

Along the volumes concerning Art History, painting techniques, glass paintings techniques and the making of stained glasses, many are the books on Perugia History, touristic guides of the period, chemistry texts and encyclopaedias. All materials reflects the interests of the family.

Not all materials are already listed in the inventory: up to now about 1300 volumes have been registered; 220 printed before 1831. Still to be inventoried about 740 volumes and 80 magazines, among which local newspapers and Art and Culture magazines.

Noteworthy the presence of numerous and complete yearly collections of Unione Liberale and of many other periodicals of the half of the XIX Century – beginning of XX, as Il Progresso, La Provincia, Fanfulla, La Favilla, Il Paese, Il Popolo, Il Grifo.

In the same room the Historic Archives, with the description of the “life” of the laboratory and of the family with documents from 1843 to 1983.

The Archives, together with the Library, the periodicals and the about 2000 photographic plates, show an interesting view on the life of Perugia in the XIX Century.

The inventory of the documents is at disposal, as the catalogues of the printed books, of the drawings, prints, photographs, photos, slates and of the Library.

It is advisable to unite the visit to the Library and the Archives to that of the Study-laboratory, of which it is part: going through ample halls rich with ancient painted windows, studies, sketches, ancient furniture and furnaces, one gets to the present laboratory, still working today.

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