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Church of the Madonnuccia Ciribifera

Via Madonnuccia Ciribifera - San Martino in Campo

The small church, also known as the "Oratory of the Madonnuccia", is located just outside the village of San Martino in Campo, along a historic path that leading from the Tevere Valley to Perugia; it is probably the original apse chapel of an ancient building, almost wholly modified and transformed into a private residence.


Originally, the oratory was the lay religious brotherhood of the Homines et Disciplinati fraternitatis castri Sancti Martini in Campo, which in the XV century promoted restructuring initiatives and pictorial decoration; it was in fact a period of particular lay religious fervor, stimulated by the preaching in the territory of the Frati Minori Osservanti.


The chapel, built in brick and river pebbles, is characterized on the outside by a small porch and the bell tower; the inside is a square hall with a cross vault and a lunette. On the walls, a pictorial cycle attributed in 1981 by Sylvia Ferino Pagden to Andrea d’Assisi called Ingegno, a pupil of Perugia; attribution recently confirmed also by numerous intellectual such as Lunghi, Todini, Fratini and Teza. In the back wall, a Madonna adoring the Child is represented, surrounded by a crown of cherubs; on its sides there are two saints: San Cristoforo, with the Child on the shoulder, and San Bernardino da Siena, identifiable by the IHS trigram, testimony of the presence in the area of the Frati Predicatori Osservanti in the XV century. On the right wall San Giorgio on horseback attacking the dragon (missing figure) and freeing the princess is represented, on a marine or lake background, whose frescoed image is seriously deteriorated. On the left wall is represented San Martino giving the cloak to the poor, a clear reference to the patron saint of the pieve on whose territory the small church stands. The ceiling has fragments of a monochrome decoration with medallions and frames in classical style.


The frescoes and the structure, in poor condition due to the humidity caused by the penetration of rainwater, require urgent maintenance and restoration; for this purpose, a group of passionate has been created who is working on the preservation and enhancement of this small masterpiece.

Opening hours: always open in daylight hours

Free entrance

Guided tour: upon reservation, by the Pro loco di San Martino in Campo e l'Ecomuseo del Tevere

: +39 347 0803112 - Stefano Ugolini (Touristic guide) - Association group "Together to save a masterpiece"

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