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Chiesa of San Matteo degli Armeni

Via Monteripido 2

The monks of San Basilio’s Rule

It is located in Northwest Perugia, just outside the XIV Century walls in Colle di Pastina, inside the Monumental Complex of San Matteo degli Armeni that hosted an Armenian monks community of San Basilio’s rule, from the XIII to the XVI Century, escaped from the iconoclast persecution.
The former monastery is now a Municipal Library.

The architecture of the church recalls some peruginian temples as those of San Bevignate, San Francesco al prato and Monteluce.
It has a romantic-gothic style with gothic lancet windows and the inner is divided in two bay, with cross-vaulted ceiling and red-rust  ribs.

On the walls, remains of some of the most ancient frescoes of Perugia, painted between the XIII and XV Century.
In the left side wall, a Madonna among angels and saints dated to 1348 and firmed by Sabatello, peruginian painter inspired by the Siena School.

In the inner wall of the façade, a San Leonardo riding a horse and releasing the prisoners; identified also as San Sargis, a IV Century martyr venerate by the Armenians as the embodiment of Armenia political and religious independence aspirations.
Under the Saint are represented small figures in chains begging him.
Over the frescoes graffiti in Armenian language, some with music notation, made by the pilgrims.

Tours available through booking before and after the liturgical celebrations: Saturday 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm;  Sunday 09:30 am - 10:00 am and 11:30 am - 12:00 pm 

Info and reservation: Ecclesiastic goods property, Orthodox Church; reservation tel. +39 320 9318599

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