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Cassero di Porta Sant'Angelo - Keep of S. Angelo Gate

Corso Garibaldi

One of the Gates of the City

The biggest medieval Gate, fortified by Ambrogio Maitani in 1326, belongs to the XIV Century City walls.

Outside it presents three levels, of three different construction phases, each marked by the use of different materials. The first is of sandstone, like the walls of the same age. The second level was made with limestone, probably dating back to the  ‘70s of the XIV Century; this part was expressly wanted by the “legato pontificio” (Papal Legate) Gérard du Puy, known as Abbate di Monmaggiore, who, considering the strategic importance of the place linked it to the fortress of Porta Sole and to the Porta di S. Antonio. The third level, made of bricks (1416-24), was projected by the  Architect Fioravante Fioravanti, following the orders of the Lord of Perugia Braccio Fortebracci. The definitive transformation in keep, with trapdoors, slits and embrasures dates to 1479 .

Restored several times during the following Centuries, since the ‘90s of the XX Century hosted the Museum of the City Walls and Doors.

From the roof terrace of the tower you have a a splendid view of the city.

As the District in which it is placed, the Door takes its name from the paleo Christian Church entitled to St Michele Arcangelo. Its coat of arm consists of the wings of the Archangel with a sword at its centre. The protector Saint is St Michele Arcangelo, whose recurrence is on the 29 of September. The colour is red as the flaming sword and the fire of wood coming from the woodland north of Perugia.

From here one of the five Royal Street, northbound from the main square of the city. It was also known as as Door of the Armenians because of the ancient Basilian monastery just outside the walls and Door of San Matteo and/or San Cristoforo from the name of an old door a bit before along the old via della Lungara – today Corso Garibaldi.

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