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Arco dello Sperandio - Sperandio Gate

Via dello Sperandio

One of the gates of the City

It belongs to the medieval city walls. Above the arch, is a gothic inscription to remember its restoration of 1329. In the XIX Century it was closed for costums duty and reopened in 1931.

The gate takes its name from a nearby Benedictine cloister, called “dello Sperandio” due to the inscription "Spera in Deo 1696" (Beleive in God) over the entrance door, still visible today. The cloister, transformed into a villa in 1799, was built on an Etruscan necropolis used between the VI and III Centuries b.C., testified by the recovery of an Etruscan hypogeum in the 1900. The area is today a private property. 

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