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Ancient University Palace

Piazza Matteotti, 1

The first “Studium”


The Ancient University Palace is a  late XV Century building by Antonio e di Bartolomeo Mattioli da Torgiano. The construction of the upper floor was desired by Pope Sisto IV, to host the General Studium Civitatis Perusii in 1266. It was the second university of Italy in order of importance and maintained this seat until 1811. The outer part of the Palace was, in 1462, the most ancient Monte di Pietà (the medieval bank) of Italy.

The façade with crossed windows  has some of the St. Matthew’s Gospel verses sculpted in the architraves of stone. In the pointed archway portal of the ground floor were former workshop. Above the little gate is sculpted the monogram of the costumer “O.M.” (Ospedale della Misericordia - Misericordia Hospital) supported by two griffins.

The Ancient University Palace is on the former Piazza del Sopramuro, a terracing sustained by big arches of the second half of XIII Century. 


Opening Hours: Tribunal Seat. Not accessible for tourists.

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