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Abazia of San Salvatore in Montecorona

Badia di Monte Corona, 317

San Salvatore di Montecorona Abbey was built, according to tradition, by San Romualdo who, just after the year one Thousand built an hermitage that, after barely two centuries, managed 21 churches.

At the beginning the Abbey was inhabited by the Camaldolesi monks, but later it was given to the Cistercensi (1234). In 1526, it was given back to the Camaldolesi and became the mother house of the Benedictine Order of the Compagnia di San Romualdo. After nine years, the edification of the hermitage was started on the top of Montecorona according to the monastic; the Abbey, already place of coenobitic life, shortly became an important economic centre (there was also a pharmacy that sold medicinal herbs

The church, of Romanesque built with three naves and an octagonal bell tower, was consecrated in 1105. Impressive its five-naves and three apses crypt dominated by roman and old medieval columns, each one different from the other.

Another noteworthy element is the Ciborium of the VIII century moved from the little church of San Giuliano delle Pignatte and placed in the Abbey only with the renovation works in 1959. 

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