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Villa Monticelli

Via del Cammino (Via Eugubina)

Villa Monticelli is located on a rocky spur overlooking the valley of the Rio stream in a north-westerly direction towards Perugia. Today’s appearance of the building is the result of numerous construction phases: the first information on the settlement dates back to the IX century, when the building was a small castle. Around the year 1000, it was transformed into a convent, first a Benedictine, then a Cistercian, then it became the property of the Captain Francesco Della Rosa, who, at the beginning of the XVI century transformed it into today's villa with an internal courtyard. Two central wings were added to the original central building, joined by a tripartite loggia, dominated by a large terrace projecting onto the garden, according to the canons of the Tuscan Medici villas. The main façade of the Villa is on three floors, with alternating triangular and curved gables.


Della Rosa's Renaissance expansion also concerned the creation of an Italian garden on two levels of terraces, thanks to imposing containment walls. The upper garden is made up of flowerbeds of boxwood and laurel and is decorated with fountains, statues, and maritime pines. The lower one, which can be joined with a double staircase, is divided into four quadripartite spaces by box hedges, adorned with valuable plant species and basins. Along the western side, the imposing limonaia building acts as a header.




In the XIX century, the Villa became the possession of the decorator Annibale Angelini, who completely frescoed the noble floor between 1854 and 1876. Angelini, famous for his Vatican commissions, painted the entrance gallery, the central hall, the rooms and the winter garden, interpreting various decorative themes such as zodiac signs, exotic animals - in particular birds - and domestic animals, divinities and mythological beasts , grotesques, landscapes and Pompeian motifs.




The Villa is a private residence. It occasionally hosts cultural events and receptions.

Opening hours: open to visit only for groups with guided tours

Info: Tel. +39 335 5267136 – +39 338 4818784 - 

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