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Villa La Torre Monaldi Guardabassi

Strada della Torre 12, Pila, Perugia (Pg)

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The original structure was built around a XV Century watch Tower. In 1700, it became property of the Marquees Monaldi who built a big house and the surrounding garden.

At the beginning of the  XX Century, it was acquired by the Bartoccini Family, and afterwards by the Congregazione di Carità of Perugia. In 1930, the Count Francesco Maria Guardabassi, painter of the Risorgimento, bought it and asked Architect Ugo Tarchi for a renovation project.

In 1989, after a period of utter neglect of about forty years, it was bought by the businessman Maurizio Petrini, present owner, who has renovated it.

The Villa is surrounded by an Italian Garden, 5 hectares of park with fountains, a swimming pool, a little swan lake and a little theatre.

The Villa is in SpoSi a Perugia project

Info: Tel. +39 075 774140 Maurizio Petrini

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