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Villa Aureli, formerly Meniconi Bracceschi, one of the most prestigious manor of Umbria of the XVIII Century, was built on preexisting Etruscan (VI Century), Roman, Medieval and XVI Century relics still visible today.

The present building dates back to the half of the XVII Century, when Count Count Sperello Aureli (1722-1791), ordered the project of its renovation to Costanzo Batta, Canon of Perugia Cathedral, who restored the XVI Century building, in its turn built on the remains of an ancient watch tower. 

The structure has a double L shape with one side shorter than the rest, the central body of more ancient origins. Outside two horizontal string course lines and, at the extremity (underroof) a caisson cornice.  Within some frescos, Vietri majolica floors, prints, stuccoes and ancient furniture.

Outside, the Italian Garden, wanted by Sperello Aureli, insisting of a terrace leading to a holm oaks wood. Of the same period the quatrefoil fountain, opposite the lemon house. The elliptical square is surrounded by a monumental wall with portals, niches, balustrades and view point turrets.

The Count  Aureli died without direct heirs and the villa went to his sister, Celidora Alfani, becoming therefore propriety of the Alfani family; they owned it till 1874. Afterwards the villa was bought by Count Cesare Meniconi-Bracceschi.

During XXII Century the villa was occupied by the German Army first, becoming its local general Comand, and afterwards by the Allies (English, Americans, Australians and New Zealanders ).

Today the villa is an accommodation facility, with bounds by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The Garden can be seen contacting the owner.

Info: Tel  +39 3406459061 - + 39 3472845176

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