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Università dei Sapori

Via Montecorneo 45, Montebello

University of Flavours – Centre for Education and Culture of Feeding and Hospitality that operates on both national and international levels

It trains chefs, pastry chefs, sommeliers, experts in the baking art, barmen and barwomen, hall and catering managers, from many countries, in order to turn them into professional figures thanks to high-level programs and Masters with prestigious and qualified teachers and a unique and involving teaching method.

It provides the students with high-tech-equipped rooms and laboratories. The teaching method, based on practical applications, project works, visits to agencies and simulations of real-life situations, offers the possibility to get innovative and market-targeted professional instruments. It has developed many educational collaborations with companies, professional figures, institutions and Italian and foreign Universities, by signing important networks and international partnerships.

It hosts students and professionals from all over the world. It promotes ways of touristic incomings through study visits or amateur experiences into the UdS seats and all over Italy. It is the only Italian educational reality that obtained the accreditation with the prestigious American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF). It improves educational and consultancy activities in the area of the OD (Organised Distribution) – Great Organised Distribution (GOD) and local specialized distribution, with the aim of contributing to the repositioning in the market of commercial companies, as well as training young professionals and updating area operators.

Università dei Sapori is also UdS Professional DESIGN&FOOD. Innovative projects and products for professional catering: it promotes successful solutions, encourages positive relations between companies and designers and combines the know-how of many participants, by helping production chain processes with agri-food and manufacturing enterprises. Università dei Sapori is also a start-up of enterprise and consultancy that supports business projects in many areas, from bureaucratic management to choosing the location, the furniture and the services. And, after the opening, in order to support the growth phase of the enterprise. For the ones passionate with gourmet, Università dei Sapori has created the brand Cuochi a Puntino (Chefs to a Crisp), that is, amateur courses for cooking, pizza baking, pastry cooking, thematic courses for adults and children and agency team-building activities, for one, two or three classes in an involving and exciting frame.

Info: UNIVERSITA' DEI SAPORI Scarl. – Cooking School, professional courses of cooking tel +39 075 5729935

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