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Scuola Lingue Estere dell’Esercito (SLEE)

Santa Giuliana, Via B. Orsini, 3

From February 15, 1993 the Italian Army Foreign Language School is located in the Santa Giuliana Monumental Complex in Perugia, the seat of a former 13th Century Cistercian Benedictine Convent.

The School is the focal point for language studies in the Italian Army and it conducts courses and designs didactic materials for almost all languages spoken in the world.

The courses are held in both Perugia and Rome (where a separate headquarter is kept) as well as online through the School’s distance learning platform. When requested, courses are also held on site in other institutes of the Italian Army.

The School coordinates the didactic programs of all of the other military educational institutes and acts as the certifying entity of foreign language proficiency.

The School’s primary aim is to provide language and cultural training for Defense personnel through its general and specialized language courses. In addition, the School also provides language training for other government entities.

Moreover, the Italian Army Foreign Language School conducts Italian language courses for foreign military personnel that have been selected to attend the various Military Academies or other institutions of higher learning of the Defense General Staff in the areas of security and defense management.

Info: tel 075 57505240 


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