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Hamlets and Castles

Sant’Egidio is a fortified quadrangular hamlet, with remains of four towers in the corners, two squared and two cylindrical. Uncertain the date of the construction of the walls as its subsequent transformation in residence.

The small fortress, for its position, became one of the strategic outpost of Perugia, mainly against the threats of Assisi. Of the many battles of which it was a clear main character, famous is the one held on the 12th July  1416, when the mercenary captain Braccio Fortebracci da Montone defeated, on the very plane of Sant’Egidio, the army of Perugia headed by Malatesta Baglioni, opening in this way his Lordship of Perugia.

Another war episode took place here in 1540, during the so-called “guerra del sale” (salt war), when the hamlet was ransacked by the Army of Pope Paolo III Farnese.

The Church, part of a monastic building dedicated to S. Giuliana, was consecrated parish in 1294, but its present outlook is due to a XIX Century renovation. In the neighbourhood the Santuario della Madonna della Villa.

The International Airport Francesco d'Assisi is right in Sant’Egidio territory.

Info: Associazione Sportiva Sant'Egidio, Via del Deltaplano

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