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Rocca di Casalina

Casalina (Deruta)

The Heritage of San Pietro

The fortress is in Deruta and was probably realised by the abbot Filippo di Montevibiano around the year 131. It became Heritage of the monastery of San Pietro during the pontificate of Pope Benedetto IX (1033 -1045).

Until the end of the XIV Century it was a fortification the function of fortification to protect the monks of San Pietro, instead of to the Castle of Casalina, more exposed. In the interior of the fortress was built Santa Maria Church.

In 1300, Casalina and Sant’Apollinare fortresses and San Pietro monastery were ravaged and raided by the citizens after the carnage which involved the abbot  Francesco Guidalotti and Biordo Michelotti. In later period it became place of farming manufacturing and hosting.

From the XVI Century, the building and the driveability were modified based on the new purpose of the structure.  From 1892, it is cultural and business Heritage of Fondazione per l’Istruzione Agraria.

Opening Hours: Accessible on booking, only upon agreement with Fondazione Istruzione Agraria

Entrance: € 6,00

Info: tel. +39 075 33753

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