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Perugia Turismo

Pescaia Park

Between via XX Settembre and Fontivegge

The remembrance of the countryside

The park, built in the seventies and developed in an area on different levels, is equipped for fun and recreational activities and with an open air theatre.

The park occupies an area characterized by the presence of a tank system for the gathering of local spring waters and those coming from the ‘fosso della Pescaia’(Pescaia ditch) running alongside of the present park, and that were used both for irrigation and fish farming.

Inside its area the ‘Fonti di Veggio’ (Veggio fountain), of ancient origins, that had the function of collecting and gathering the waters of the nearby springs waters; fountain which has been reconstructed in its present form between 1615-16 by Matteuccio Salvucci.

Free entrance

Wheelchair accessible

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