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Palazzo dei Priori

Corso Vannucci, 19

One of the most imposing architectonic expressions of the mediaeval culture in Italy

Palazzo dei Priori is seat of the Comune di Perugia (Perugia Municipality), of the Galleria Nazionale of Umbria and of the two most important medieval guilds: the Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia (Merchants’ Guild) and the  Nobile Collegio del Cambio (Moneychangers’ Guild).

It was built in different stages. The first (1293 - 1297), facing the Palace from Piazza IV Novembre, involved the left section and was built by Jacopo di Servadio and Giovannello di Benvenuto. It is characterised by a series of mullioned windows and an imposing Gothic portal leading to the Sala dei Notari. The right section, with its triple-arched portico, built on the site of the church of San Severo di Piazza, was added in 1335.

It was hugely altered during the Church’s dominion, but was restored to its original state after 1860. In 1902 the new steps fan shaped substituted the two ramps, leading to the Sala dei Notari and the Sala della Vaccara were added.

Above the portal are bronze copies of the griffin of Perugia and the Guelph lion (the originals, 1271-81, from the fountain by Arnolfo di Cambio, are in the hall of Palazzo dei Priori). From the massive ledges hang the chains which the Perugian people took from the gates of Siena after the battle of Torrita in 1358.

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