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Palazzo degli Oddi House Museum, later Marini Clarelli

via dei Priori, 84

Noble Palace of the XVI Century

The Palace, built in the XVI Century, belonged to the noble Oddi family, whose origins date back to the XII Century.

Only the ground-floor drawing room, elegantly painted at the beginning of the XVII Century with the stories of the family, remains of the original layout. The construction of the main façade was completed in 1768.

Following the marriage of Maria Vittoria degli Oddi and Luigi Marini Clarelli in 1881, the palace assumed the name of the Marini Clarelli. The House museum still has the historic furniture and an archive, available by appointment. 

Attention: visits to the museum are temporarily suspended

Opening Hours: only by appointment, 

Tel. and fax: +39 075 5734844

Entrance: Free offer 
Wheelchair accessible with previous appointment for organisational reasons

Info: tel and fax +39 075 5734844                                                                               

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