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Hamlets and Castles

Mugnano is within the valley of the river Cestola, in ancient times the Lake Tiberino. The present name derives from the roman family of Munius, living in the territory from the II Century B.C.

In the IX Century, the Benedectines founded here an Abbey and cleaned the soil. In the XIV Century, the abbey was given to the Knights of Malta, who manages still today the agricultural territories of the neighbourhood. In the same Century the Castle was being built, to offer protection and shelter to the people working on the cleaning of the soil.

In 1584, the San Benedetto Church has been built, close to the Benedectine Abbey. The church has been restored several times during the centuries; of the original church today only one main altar and five side ones.

Of the Historic Centre and Castle of Mugnano, only traces of the donjon and of some towers remain.

Mugnano is renown as the “city of paintings” because since 1983 an interesting initiatives has started: several Italian and foreigner painters have been called to paint a series of mural paintings. In 2014, they were 43.

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