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Hamlets and Castles

The Castle of Montepetriolo, north – west from Perugia, is on top of a hill dominating the Nestore valley.

The first evidences about it date back to the XII Century when the castrum montis petrioli is referred to in a “Diploma Imperiale” of Federico Barbarossa in 1163.

Further references are to be found on papers from about 1260, where the castle is ascribed as territory belonging to the countryside of the District of Perugia of Porta S. Susanna. In the XIV Century it became property of the district of Porta Eburnea.

The medieval castle presents an ellipsoidal plan, and is organized following a spiral scheme with triple circles of streets and houses. Originally it had at least ten towers, today only seven still remain.

The two parish churches – Santo Stefano and San Lorenzo – respectively within and without the walls, date back to the XIV Century. San Lorenzo, today deconsecrated, has given title and goods to Santo Stefano, because declared unsafe after the earthquake of 2010.  The bell tower, detached from the church, is decorated with mullioned windows and a structure made with red bricks.

Just outside the walls is the Madonna delle Grazie Church, XV Century, typical Country Church built around a tabernacle sacred to the Holy Mary with a votive fresco, today on the main altar. It presents a simple gabled façade, with a porch covered by woodworks. Inside a lunette barrel vault; the walls are richly decorated with three altars and various votive frescos devoted to the Holy Mary and Saints protecting the agricultural works.

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