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Perugia Turismo

Mathematic Gallery

Ex tobacco Factory. Via del Risorgimento, Casalina di Deruta

Sharing the beauty of Mathematics 

This has been recently opened, started in 1998 thanks to the research works on Education of Mathematics of Emanuela Ughi.

The starting idea was the desire of sharing the beauty of Mathematics, of its theorems, of the geometric shapes that can be seen in the world surrounding us: there are for this very reason many objects to disassemble, to move, puzzles, drawings to be made with the so-called poor materials and, sometimes, even imperfect constructions, but conveying anyhow and idea or a mathematical theorem.

A section of the Gallery consists in an interesting gathering of materials specifically projected for the Education of Mathematics for disabled persons – in particular for visually impaired persons from early in life and to be of support in dyscalculia and Cognitive Retardation cases.

The gallery, opened on May 2014, is constantly changing: Emanuela Ughi and her students are keeping on looking the world through mathematical eyes, making the most various exhibit for this very unusual museum.

Opening hours:  upon request, to be agreed with the responsible of the museum
Closed: Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

Entrance: only with guided tour
Guided tours only with a prior reservation, for groups and classes at all levels, during which the visitors will be asked to interact with the exhibit in various ways, making to understand.  
Tickets: according to needs
Wheel Chairs accessible

Info: tel. +39 075 5855008 - mobile + 39 340 3341040