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Giardini del Frontone (Frontone Gardens)

Borgo XX Giugno, close to the San Pietro complex

This garden, built on an area formerly dedicated to an Etruscan necropolis and later, during the XV Century, occupied by a defensive fortress of the city, hosted the poets of the 'Colonia Arcadica Augusta' who, at the beginning of the XVIII Century, designed the present configuration.

The Garden takes its name from the front of the Triumphal Arch closing the amphitheater, built on the project of Baldassare Orsini (1778-1780).

The place is the seat of concerts and happenings and during the Summer season hosts an open air film exhibition.

Settled in the XVIII century as the Arcadians' summer home, the gardens take their name from the front of the triumphal arch, which closes the little theater, designed by Baldassare Orsini. It is adorned with ancient holm oaks.

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