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Domus Pauperum

Corso Garibaldo, 84

Restoration of the hall, property if the Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia. Open for events 

The Domus Pauperum is an imposing renaissance hall, with cross vaults, divided into three naves by two rows of travertine columns with capitals. Right in the centre of the district of Porta Sant’Angelo (today 84, Corso Garibaldi), it was built in 1507 by the Collegio della Mercanzia (Merchants Guild) – the dominant corporation  for the government of Perugia – as shelter for those in need; it remained such till 1990. It was made on the pre-existing volume of the Hospitale Mercatorum, as seen in documents of 1321, meant for foreigners merchants, pilgrims, destitute people. The brick façade shows three stone emblems of the Mercanzia, the passing Griffin of a wool bale. The beautiful walnut central entrance door shows the name and date   MCVII (1507).

Altered during the passing of time until it became almost forgotten, the Domus has been by the same Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia rediscovered and thoroughly restored  in 2014-16, with special care to techniques and materials, and resurrected to its original beauties of forms to be destined as open to the public for cultural activities as conferences, gatherings, meetings, exhibitions, chamber music concerts. With this purpose of public usefulness, for the sake of Porta  Sant’Angelo and the city in its whole, in 2018 the Mercanzia has given it “in comodato gratuito” (loan for use) to Perugia Municipality.

Therefore, even if still owned by the Mercanzia, the management of the Domus Pauperum is today in care of Perugia Municipality. There the city of Perugia organizes events or grants it to those requesting it for occasional according usage.

The restauration of the Domus Pauperum, a fundamental element of historic and architectonic identity, re-qualify and emphasise one of the most beautiful and evocative place of the whole historic centre of Perugia.

Info: COMUNE DI PERUGIA - Assessorato alla Cultura -  Tel. +39 075 5772550

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