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Perugia Turismo

Chiesa of the Annunziata

Piazza Annibale Mariotti

Oratory of the Confraternita Disciplinata dell'Annunziata

The church oratory, also known as church of the Dead Christ is already seen in documents in 1334, but it is since 1163 that has been parochial church of S. Bartolomeo.

It was restructured in 1641, while the present building dates to 1860.

Externally an arch encircled by cherubs. Between 1878 and 1901 the interior  was wholly frescoed by the painter from Perugia Domenico Bruschi with the description of the life of biblical female figures, In one of these, the last one dedicated to the character of Anna, the self-portrait of the painter.

Opening hours: only by appointment

Info: Istituto Conestabile della Staffa tel +39 075 5728854

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