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Cesaroni Palace

Piazza Italia

The monument to new society

It was commissioned in 1897 by the businessman Ferdinando Cesaroni, by the project of Guglielmo Calderini, attaching the pre-existing Monaldi Palace. The architecture draws inspiration from the roman style of the XVI Century.

The façade is full of decorative elements, desired by the client to go beyond those of the palaces around. The tempera liberty style painting decorations on the ceiling are by Annibale Brugnoli and Domenico Bruschi. The main hall, the celebrations hall, is entitled to Brugnoli who painted the “Dance of hours”, a choreography of girls with coloured voiles, close to a horse race, representing the escape of Time.

The palace wasn’t inhabited by its owner and over time it has had different uses, as that of luxurious Palace Hotel. From 1977 is seat of Regional Council of Umbria and has become property of the institution in 1999.

Accessible on occasion of guided tours.

Info: Regione Umbria - Assemblea legislativa. Telephone switchboard +39 075 5761

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