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Castello di Procoio o Procopio

Migiana di Monte Tezio

Hamlets and Castles

It is a castle on the slopes of Monte Tezio at 580 meters altitude and, as other castles in Umbria, it begins as rural open village (without enclosure). It was fortified later on with thick walls and supporting towers in order to defend the crops, the cattle and the inhabitants of the area.

During the XV Century it was named as castrum. Historical sources show that the building of the small fortress started in 1455 and that further works were made thanks to fundings from Perugia Municipality between 1473 and 1481. Anyhow the Castle was still unfinished.

Recently, after years of complete abandonment, restoration works started during the ‘80s of the XX Century. The first arch of the portico on the left was added, but the different construction phases are still easy to be seen.

The original core is at the north east corner, initially a fortified house, probably, to which later on the three annexes and the two angular towers were added. The original entrance was the one on the east side, whose door was surmounted by some brackets supporting the defence apparatus. The present door, on the west side, as well as the portico and the above loggia, was built afterwards; same time for the external windows made through a cut of the walls.

Recently the structure has been recovered and organized partly as accommodation facility, partly as private residence.

The Villa is in SpoSi a Perugia project.

Info: Tel. + 39 075 857 0083

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