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Borgo Colognola

Strada Pievuccia Colognola - Cenerente

Villas and Palaces

Borgo Colognola starts as a farming settlement, as witnessed by the name “Coloniola”, i.e. little colony.

The first documents about it date it back to the land registry of Perugia Municipality in 1339. The hamlet, through the years, has not changed much from its original agricultural aspect around a church.

Since the XVI Century, the surrounding lands were collected into one single farm made by “case coloniche” (Houses inhabited by farmers, with an architecture typical of this area), manor house, mill, church and yard, changing several different owners until 1926 when it was acquired by Pio Domnici who renovated the manor house.

Damaged by wars and earthquakes in 2007 it underwent final restauration works and has been transformed into a holiday farm.

The Villa is in SpoSi a Perugia project

Info: Tel. +39 075 690417 - + 39 347 5293507

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