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Arco di Braccio – Arch of Braccio

Abbey of San Pietro - Borgo XX Giugno (Medieval Garden)

One of the gates of the City

The South-oriented Arch was built in 1250 in the medieval City walls, it is crossed by the Royal and Papal streets.

The arch was modified into a lowered one, but the original pointed arch is visible in the inner façade. It was delimited by two quadrangular towers, today, only the left one is visible. The other one was absorbed in the XVI Century monastery enlargement. With the Construction of San Costanzo Gate (1587), this ancient door remained in the monastery gardens where it is can be seen today.

It is named after Braccio Fortebracci, Lord of Perugia in 1416, who commissioned  the restoration works for the fortification of the city and conducted the military training of his troops in the adjacent area called ”piazza d’arme di Braccio”, today the Frontone Gardens. 

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