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Volumni Hypogeum, Antiquarium and Palazzone Necropolis

Via Assisana, 53 - Ponte San Giovanni

The Etruscan tomb known worldwide

The Ipogeo dei Volumni (III Century B.C. – I Century A.D.) is part of the vast Palazzone necropolis, discovered in the XIX Century and dug out completely starting from 1963.

The necropolis is made up of almost two hundred chamber tombs dug into the ground that could be dated back from the V Century B.C. to the Hellenic period. Several cinerary urns in travertine, earthenware, marble and sandstone of the necropolis are preserved at the entrance of the Volumni monumental tomb.

A steep and grandious entrance dromos (corridor) leads to the burial chamber of Arunte and Lars Volumnio; the tomb is built in the architectural style of a Roman house with the rooms opening into the central atrium.



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