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Villa Rossi Scotti

Loc. Santa Petronilla, Perugia (PG)

Villas and Palaces

The Villa was owned by the Count Lemmo Rossi Scotti of Montepetriolo, famous painter for his views of Perugia and a prominent personality of the culture of the Perugia at the end of the XIX Century.

The architectural complex is composed of several different buildings added around the original “U” shaped structure, among which the imposing lemon house; it shows different works done in different centuries.

The last renovation works, of the first years of the XX Century, characterized the complex with eclectic and neo-gothic style crenellations, and an English park with a gallop, alleys, pools, and a rivulet entering a lake.

The picture decorations, in the bezels inside the Villa, represent views of the Villa itself, of the lemon house and of the lake and testify its bygone splendor, one of harmony between man and nature.

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