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University of Perugia

Università degli Studi di Perugia, Piazza dell'Università, 1

The founding of the University of Perugia was officially decreed with the Super Specula Bull issued by Pope Clement V on September 8, 1308.

With the strength of this centuries-old tradition and a growing commitment to the future, the University is the ideal place for young people to continue with higher education studies, both for the scientific authoritativeness of its faculty members and researchers, and for the many modern facilities for teaching, with courses being held not only in Perugia, but also in the towns of Assisi, Foligno, Narni and at the Terni scientific educational pole.

The University currently has sixteen Departments: Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology; Economics; Humanities, Social and Human Sciences and Education; Physics and Geology; Law; Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Liberal Arts - Languages, Literature and Ancient and Modern Civilization; Mathematics and Computer Science; Medicine; Experimental Medicine; Veterinary Medicine; Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science; Surgical and Biomedical Sciences; Pharmaceutical Sciences and, lastly, Political Science.

They carry out an intense program of scientific and educational activities, within a well-established perspective of international relations with European, American, Japanese, Chinese and Indian universities and cultural and higher education institutions. In addition, the University of Perugia encourages and promotes student mobility, both incoming and outgoing, through exchange programs and agreements with the most prestigious foreign universities.

The University’s location, in a city rich in art and culture such as Perugia, makes it easy for students to integrate into the local community, thanks also to actions taken by the University to ensure their basic services such as health care with the national health system, the availability of study rooms with long opening hours, and promoting discounts on the purchase of a wide range of products and services: from public transportation and the finding of certified housing to opportunities for practicing sports, thanks also to the cooperation of the University Sports Center.

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Info: Università degli Studi di Perugia tel +39 075 5851


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