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Perugia Turismo

Toys and Games museum

Strada comunale Perugia-San Marco (former Fornace)

Collection of toys from the past 

The museum was created 15 years ago. The collection hosts about 2,000 vintage toys from the XIX Century to present days.

The itinerary of the museum covers several different themes such as: popular toys, work toys, sci fi, show, shadow theatre, cinema and pre-cinema and the school world.

The elements present in the collection are extremely varied: ancient tin spinning tops, toys of grandparents, dolls in their dollhouses, speedy race cars, puffer trains, miniature theatres, marionettes and puppets etc.

February Sundays

Sunday 10: At Carnival each toy wants to play: let’s discover the funniest toys. Do it yourself workshop for mask
Sunday 17: Puppet Carnival. Construction the Bartoccio puppet with recycled materials.
Sunday 24: Theatre activity with workshops on art commedy, puppets and marionettes.

Entrance: € 4,00; (free for children under 2 years of age)
Entrance + workshop: € 5,00
Reservation advisable: tel. +39 340 7936887 - +39 348 5412637


Opening Hours: Each Sunday afternoon h. 4 pm - 6:00 pm
Sundays of February are dedicated to Carnival: guided tours, play activities and special shows will animate our afternoons. At about 4:15 pm the guided tour starts; and at 5:00 pm is the workshop for children (Max 20 partecipants; reservations are strongly suggested), or a show.

Guided and didactical tours andworkshops for children and primary schools; secondary schools and adults

Info: tel. +39 348 5412637 - +39 340 7936887

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