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Torre degli Sciri - The Sciri Tower

Via dei Priori

The only surviving one, in its entirety, of a dozen of towers  that during the Middle ages characterized the urban face of the city of Perugia  

The Tower, about 42 meters high, has all its four sides free, upholstered by medium white stone ashlars, without any subsequent tampering, with only few very little slits. It is the only surviving tower, whole, of a dozen that characterized the urban aspect of the city of Perugia, towers that were both a military tool and a symbol of noble prestige of the most eminent city families. Others were included in the walls, or destroyed. The Sciri Tower was probably built around the end of the XIII Century, as private tower of a palace in the “insula” owned by the Oddi family, who kept it till 1483.

Following the bloody clashes with the Baglioni Family and the consequent exile of the Oddi in October 1488, the tower passed under the Sciri, as witnessed by its name still today used and the emblem carved above one entrance of the little building close to the tower itself.

During the second half of the XVII Century the tower and the adjoining building were given as gift to from the Countess Caterina della Penna, widow degli Oddi, to the Franciscan Tertiary suor Lucia Tartaglini da Cortona, who founded there a college for poor girls. Since then the building has been uninterruptedly a nunnery, guided by the Fathers of the Oratory of San Filippo Neri, till 2011, when the complex has become property of Perugia Municipality. The city restored it and made it partly public housing, partly open to the tourists.  Through a ramp staircases of 232  steps the rooftop of the tower can be reached, from which an astounding view of the city and surrounding hills can be enjoyed.

Currently the Tower is open to the public regularly thanks to the volunteers of the associazione “Priori”, hosting at the same time cultural events.

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Visits upon reservation as well witn Associazione A PRIORI, contact persona Antonietta Taticchi tel. +39 393 5145793

Weelchair NOT accessible 

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