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Strozzacapponi Necropolis

Via Luigi Einaudi – San Mariano (Corciano)

The Etruscan Necropolis of Strozzacapponi, extended partly in the Municipality of Corciano and partly in the Municipality of Perugia, it is situated along the Pievaiola state highway, near Castel del Piano. The tombs, rediscovered at different times from the XIX century, are part of a big underground necropolis used between II and I century b. C.

The main core is opened and it is preserved under the housing and commercial unit. It belongs to the historic period between the Etruscan and Roman civilization, as confirmed by the linguistic change on funeral inscriptions: the more ancient in Etruscan and the more recent in Latin. 

The location near the caves of Santa Sabina and the presence of a huge necropolis composed by more than 75 chamber tombs excavated dug into the ground supposes the pertinence to a housing unit of laborers and artisans assigned to the producing of the travertine.



Info: ask the Soprintendenza Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio dell'Umbria Tel. +39 075 57411 

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