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Castello di Solfagnano

Strada comunale di Solfagnano

Hamlet and Castles

The Castle of Solfagnano  stants on Monte Marinello promontory upon the Tevere valley, north of the Comune di Perugia. In the beginning, during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it was a fortalice, but during the late  XVII Century it has been turned into a villa. The structure is part of the castrum of Solfagnano, its walls still standing are used to contain the  raised Fountain Garden and the quadrangular sandstone towers. The most ancient part of the complex, that north-east oriented, is formed by a main structure between two squared towers, as in the military architecture of XIV-XV century.

The structure is surrounded by an Italian style garden, with box sedges and  a park composed of centuries-old holm oaks and pines horse-shoe placed. Inside the park a master’s church and the keeper’s house.

The Antinori of Perugia was the purchasing family. In the 1865 the  estate became property of  the Bennicelli family. This name has been used for the residence until the passage to Colaicovo family, in 2007.

During this last years an upgrading project has been started giving value to the various identities of the place, including the agricultural one, mixing history with modern elements.

At present it is an accommodation facility or “historic house”, that hosts exclusive events, weddings, meetings, international conventions, food and wine tasting and regenerating happenings.

The Villa is in SpoSi a Perugia project

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