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Perugia Turismo

Sodalizio- Sodality Braccio Fortebracci

Via degli Sciri, 6, 06123 Perugia PG
Villas and Palaces

An important share of the historic, artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Perugia

The Sodality pursues care and cultural aims to enhance the historic, artistic and cultural heritage strengthened in centuries, prompting and fostering in-depth studies on the “movimento dei Disciplinati” in its history.

Right in via degli Sciri, in the very heart of the historic centre of Perugia, several different rooms can be rented, as well as the big terrace and the garden for ceremonies and public or private events.
Particularly evocative for a wedding, the wonderful roof garden: form the entrance hall into the wide space outside, partly paved and partly garden with little alleys and a big central fenced well.
Trees and hedgerows guarantee shelter from direct sunlight and embrace the terrace securing privacy, without sheltering the view, on various sides, on the city roofs and on the hills and plain around the city of Perugia.
Perfect for catering staging, the position of tables and seats around the little garden facing the views on the city, renders this a unique location, considering in particular its absolute central position.


The sodalizio is in SpoSi a Perugia project.

Via degli Sciri, 6, 06123 Perugia, PG

info: +39 075 5724815

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