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Roman Mosaic of Santa Elisabetta

Via Elce di Sotto n. 8 – University of Perugia Department of Chemistry

The remains of a Roman bath complex

Via dell'Elce di Sotto, n. 8  - entrance of the University of Perugia, Department of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

The Roman mosaic of Santa Elisabetta, from the early II Century A.D., was discovered in 1875 in the place where the medieval church of Santa Elisabetta stood.

It represents 'Orpheus and the Beasts' organised in black and white tesserae: the legendary Greek musician plays his lyre, surrounded by forty animals in parallel rows, which approach him attracted by his music.

The mosaic was probably part of a Roman bath complex in Perugia. In the Christian era the church of Sant’Elisabetta was built over it and the perimeter walls of the church still remain.

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