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Porta Santa Susanna - Gate of S. Susanna

Between Via della Sposa and Via P. Pellini

Also known as “Porta di S. Andrea” – Gate of S. Andrea or “della Colombata”

It is named after the ancient Santa Susanna church, afterwards San Francesco al Prato crypt (closed in the XIV sepulchre). It is also known as “Porta di S. Andrea” and “della Colombata” as the near churches.

The gate belongs to the western section of the medieval walls (XIII – XIV Century), partially demolished during the XX Century of which a segment is visible in the underpass of the Viale P. Pellini escalators. The external façade has a pointed arch, whereas the raised part in bricks with brackets and the pink-stone griffin decoration are of the following period.

The street that passes across the gate is one of the ancient streets towards the Trasimeno Lake and Tuscany, one of the five Royal Streets coming from the Platea Magna. The symbols of the district and gate are the bear, ancient symbol, and the chain. The colour of the district is blue, probably for the water of the Trasimeno Lake.  

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