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Porta San Girolamo – Gate of S. Girolamo

Via B. Bonfigli

One of the Gates of the City

The gate was built at the end of the XV Century, together with the adjacent Franciscan monastery (today Zenit cinema); it was the ancient entry to the City for people coming  from Rome, hence the name “Porta Romana” (Roman Gate).

It was rebuilt in brick in 1582, following the project of Valentino Martelli and commissioned by the Cardinal Alessandro Riario, from which the appellative of “Porta Alessandrina”, used until the XIX Century. The reconstruction was made under Pope Gregory XIII as written in the inscription above the arch: GREGORIO III MAX MDLXXXII .

In the East-oriented external side it has two recesses where, until the half of the XIX Century were placed the statues of  San Pietro and San Paolo, recently moved to the University of Perugia.

The Perugia-Assisi March for Peace starts from this Gate, since the 24th of September 1961, when Aldo Capitini started the initiative. 

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