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Porta Marzia - Marzia Gate

Via Marzia (entrance of the Rocca Paolina)

A monumental arch of the Etruscan walls 

Porta Marzia (III Century b.C.) was the most important South-oriented gate of the city.

On the occasion of the construction of the Rocca Paolina, Antonio da Sangallo dismantled and recessed its upper part, pushing it back by four meters into the façade of the fort. However the jambs can still be seen inside.

Built in travertine like the walls, it has a vault arch decorated above by a loggia from which jut out five sculptures, perhaps Zeus (Tinia for the Etruscans) between the Dioscuri with their respective horses.

Above and below the loggia run the Latin inscriptions 'COLONIA VIBIA' (in memory of Vibio Treboniano Gallo, the Emperor from Perugia who granted the town the status of colony)  and 'AUGUSTA PERUSIA'.

Inside the Rocca are still visible pieces of Etruscan Walls and some architectonic fragments of the Renaissance epoch.



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