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Porta Crucia - Crucia Gate

Via Eburnea

Also known as “Porta Eburnea Nuova” - New Ivory Gate

Crucia Gate, also called “Porta Nuova” (New Gate), “de Borgne” or “Porta Eburnea Nuova” (New Ivory Gate), attributed to Valentino Martelli, it is a reconstruction of 1576, of a XIII Century Door. It has a round arch with quoins in white travertine, in contrast with the red bricks of the structure. As written in the plaque above the arch, it was commissioned by Pope Governor Antonio Santacroce, from which its name.

On the sides, two recess for statues, that have never been made. The underlying street is the "via del pesce" (fish street), traversed from the fisherman of the Trasimeno Lake that brought the fish to the fish market, as proved by the stone incision between via Eburnea and via San Giacomo: two opposite faces to indicate the to and fro ways. 

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