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Perugia Turismo

M.A.N.U. National Archeological Museum of Umbria

Piazza G. Bruno,10 (Former Convento di San Domenico)

The most important archeologic collection of Central Italy  

It is situated in the huge complex of the ancient Dominican monastery, founded in 1233. It is divided into a prehistoric section, with finds discovered in settlements, caves and cemeteries in central Italy, dating from  a period between the Paleolithic and the Bronze Ages, and an important section with materials from ancient Umbrian and Etruscan cities and Roman settlements situated in the present region of Umbria.

Inside the cloister of the convent, in an underground room close to the entrance, the evocative tomb of the family Cai Cutu (III – I Century b. C.) has been reconstructed with the funerary outfits. All around the walls of the cloister, as well as in the upper gallery, there are many cinerary urns, characteristic productions of the Etruscan handicraft during the Hellenistic period, coming from Perugia Necropolis. A new exhibition room hosts the urns and outfits of the Cacni tomb, that have been rescued by carabinieri del Nucleo Protezione Patrimonio Culturale (Italian Army Police for the protection of the cultural heritage).

Among the most precious finds the Cippus of Perugia, one of the most important documents of the Etruscan language and the bronze artefacts of the princely tomb of Castel San Mariano, in Perugia surroundings, with an amazing complex of sheets in repoussé gold work and remains of parade charriots.

Moreover, you can also find on exposition some Roman finds and epigraphs that recall the Perugia Renaissance (Perusia restituta) after the destruction following the war that saw the city opposed to Ottaviano in 41 b.C.

Sections of the upper gallery are dedicated to the important Giuseppe Bellucci Amulets Collection, exposing ancient and modern amulets and instruments of a magical-religious character, to the Gabinetto di Numismatica (Numismatic Collection) and to jewelry and treasures.  

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