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Library of the Convent of San Francesco al Monte

Via Monteripido, 8

The monumental library of Perugia

The Convent of San Francesco al Monte hosts a precious library of the XVIII designed by Pietro Carrattoli.
The ceiling decoration is by Paolo Brizi da Fano.

The library contains about 23,000 volumes, among which manuscripts of the XVIII-XIX Centuries, early printed book of the XVI Century (cinquecentine) of high values and a precious archive with documents dating back to the XVI Century.

This book heritage, spread after the requisitions by Napoleon in1866 and the State acquisitions after the unification process, was reacquired by the order and placed again in the original places.

At the moment the collection of caudexes and incunabula is in the Municipal Library Augusta.

Opening hours: Wednesdays – Saturdays 8:30 am-1:00 pm. Mondays and Tuesdays only by appointment.

Info: tel 07540679


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