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Perugia Turismo

#LaBellezzaCiAspetta - #BeautyAwaitsUs

Saturday 2 May at 3:00 pm, all social media of Perugia Municipality (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Institutional Portal) and of Palazzo della Penna will broadcast a video promoted by the Culture Area of the Municipalty #LaBellezzaCiAspetta, made by Promovideo. VIDEO 

«In a little more than two minutes – announces the Deputy Mayor for Culture Assessore Leonardo Varasano – thanks to Promovideo and the to the Quartetto misto dell’Orchestra da Camera di Perugia, we propose Perugia in all its imposing and centuries-old beauty. A beauty naked, animated by celebrated notes by Nicola Piovani; a beauty waiting only to be newly filled as soon as it will be possible, by the full industriousness of our citizens, by the runs and voices of our little and young ones, by the swarm of the students, by the strolling of the tourists. Perugia is ready to start again and welcome you all. 

Its beauty, from Sant’Ercolano to the Etruscan Arch, from the Fontana Maggiore to San Bevignate, from Palazzo Gallenga to Piazza dell’Università, from San Pietro al Cassero in Porta Sant’Angelo, is waiting for us. More than words, the images will tell. Images condensing our sense of belonging, our openness to the word and willpower of our city.  

The music chosen to accompany the video enriches the message that we want to send: with all necessary caution we are ready to re-start; beauty is awaiting; let’s fill it up».

Perugia Capitale